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The Phases

We could debate the validity of a linear process or a cyclical process, be we prefer the idea of the phases being building blocks of success. While you might revisit each throughout the life of a project, success is dependent on the completion of all phases. Our templates are aligned by phase for ease of use.
Project phases visual

The Disciplines



With a series of basic lean tools, we’ll help you be positioned to drive out waste from the process. From the Scoping phase all the way through the Sustainment phase, our list of available lean templates is constantly growing

Six Sigma

Sometimes your project is going to call for some data analysis. Many of the Six Sigma tools come in handy in these situations. Take a look and find one that fits your needs

Change Management

Oftentimes the key factor in the success of a project is the effectiveness of your change management approach. We have templates to assist you in your change efforts

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An Example

Here’s an example of one of our templates. Click on each image to get a better feel for the what, the how, and the why

Tool/Template: SIPOC


The template

A completed example

Download the file


The SIPOC template includes a blank form for easy updates specific to your project, a completed example as a point of reference, and additional commentary to help explain the benefits, use, and related templates to add further value.

Popular Templates

Project Charter

The Charter template includes a blank form for easy updates specific to your project’s overview, problem, vision, scope, and stakeholders. Additionally, a completed example of a Charter is included for reference. CICoaches.com commentary about Charter use rounds out this download.

Slide 1 = Blank template     Slide 2 = Completed example     Slide 3 = Commentary

Effort Impact

The Effort Impact template is simple, straight forward, and fun to use. While not as objective or statistical by nature, the simplicity of the tool allows for easy use in a variety of situations. Once root cause is identified, the individual and/or team can brainstorm solutions. After potential solutions are identified, the Effort Impact template allows for quick and visual prioritization of those solutions. We’ve also color coded the quadrants to help you visual its use. And feel free to replicate the template on a larger scale. Poster size, whiteboard, and flip chart versions work great with a stack of Post-its.

Slide 1 – Effort Impact blank template, Slide 2 – Effort Impact example, Slide 3 – Commentary

Concern Log_6C Tool

The Concern Log/6C tool is a combination of a basic risk log and action plan to help you and the team record any post implementation issues and drive them through resolution. Starting with the basic noting of the Concern, Cause, Countermeasure, Closeout, Communication, and Celebration round out the columns in the tool. Best utilized in a collaborative team environment, such as a team huddle, this template/tool can help you maintain momentum after implementation.

Tab 1 = Blank Template Tab 2 = Complete Example Tab 3 = CICoaches.com Commentary

Newly Added Templates!

Communication Plan

The Communication Plan template is another simple yet effective addition to our collection that allows an individual or team to quickly identify impacted stakeholders and identify how they will be kept up to date. While more detailed communications will need to be drafted, this plan will help you draft key messages, identify how often communication will occur, assign a point person to deliver the message, and allows for comments as needed. Don’t underestimate the need for communication in your efforts. Download the Communication Plan template today!

Tab 1 = Blank template Tab 2 = Completed Example Tab 3 = Commentary

5 Why

The 5 Why template and tool will help you and your team properly analyze problems, issues, and causes encountered in small and large projects alike. While commonly found as part of the Cause and Effect Diagram or the Ishikawa Diagram, we’ve isolated the ask & answer portion of the tool with some automated data transfer to help you save time and bring focus to the exercise. Included in the download is the template, a completed example, and CICoaches.com commentary.

Tab 1 = Blank Template Tab 2 = Completed Example Tab 3 = Commentary

Types of Waste

The Types of Waste template provides an excellent way to clearly and simply identify opportunities for improvement in a process. With eight different categories of waste and room for documentation, identifying and communicating inefficiencies becomes easier. Take advantage of this download and then go to Gemba and start documenting waste in your process today!

Slide 1 = Template Slide 2 = Completed Example Slide 3 = Commentary

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Other Great Resources

While we strive to have all the free lean six sigma templates you’ll need to manage and deliver a project, we realize you may need to tap into additional resources. To that end, and to help you obtain what you need, we’ve provided links to a few great resources below. So, if you can’t find it on CICoaches.com, check these out!